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I am indebted to many other people, fellow genealogists and members of the family "old and new"

In particular i would like to thank my extraordinary e-mail introduction from a long time ago Hazel Dakers, without her help in obtaining all of those records, i would never have gotten so far so fast.

Also my uncle Joe Davison of Tadcaster for the paternal Tree of my grandmother Margaret Furnevel/Furnival and, for all of them lovely pics of the family.

Thanks to Barbara Prince of Dorset for sending me so much of her Dakers/Dacre Databank, she certainly knows what she is doing and, probably knows more about the family than i do.

Thanks to Clive and Alan Dakers for the details on the Cumberland Dakers family.

Many thanks to my new cousin Pauline Whitehouse nee Dacres for her help in researching the descendants of James William Dakers/Dacres.

Many thanks to Dawn Cummings of Penshaw for allowing me to use some of the illustrations from her book "Penshaw - The History of a Village"

Thank you to Sarah Mbama nee Dakers for suppling me with the details from her branch of the family.